Joan Garcia

full professor
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
GEMMA-Environmental Engineering and Microbiology Group
Research interests: 
wastewater engineering
high rate algal ponds
constructed wetlands
Short CV / biography / description of scientific focus and achievements: 

Joan Garcia is Full Professor of Environmental Engineering. He obtained his degree in Biology in 1990 and presented his doctoral dissertation on wastewater treatment engineering in 1996. For his contributions to water resources research and wastewater engineering received in 2008 an award of the Spanish Ministry of Science for the Intensification of Research Activity. He has written over 150 articles in scientific journals.

J. García carries out interdisciplinary research on ecoinnovative treatment systems – a new generation of sustainable environmental technologies that mimicking nature and maximizing eco-efficiency allow treatment of wastewaters and other kinds of wastes. He has worked in the development of ecotechnologies for wastewater treatment and at the same time materials and energy recovery, like constructed wetlands and high rate algal ponds.

Relevant publications: 
Samsó, R., García, J., Molle, P. and Forquet, N. (2016). Modelling bioclogging in variably saturated porous media and the interactions between surface/subsurface flows: application to Constructed Wetlands. Journal of Environmental Management 165, 271-279.
Matamoros, Uggetti, E., García, J. and Bayona, J.M. (2016). Assessment of the mechanisms involved in the removal of emerging contaminants by microalgae from wastewater: A laboratory scale study. Journal of Hazardous Materials 301, 197-205.
Solimeno, A., Samsó, R., Uggetti, E., Sialve, B., Steyer, J.P., Gabarró, A. and García, J. (2015). New mechanistic model to simulate microalgae growth. Algal Research 12, 350-358.
Gutiérrez, R., Ferrer, I. García, J. and Uggetti, E. (2015). Influence of starch on microalgal biomass recovery, settleability and biogas production. Bioresource Technology 185, 341-345.
Ávila, C., Bayona, J.M., Martín, I., Salas, J.J. and García, J. (2015). Emerging organic contaminant removal in a full-scale constructed wetland system for wastewater treatment and reuse. Ecological Engineering 80, 108-116.