Jan Bartacek

associate professor
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT)
Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering
Research interests: 
Resource recovery from wastewater
anaerobic wastewater treatment
micronutrients for anaerobic digestion
H2S removal from biogas by microaeration
magnetic resonance imaging
Short CV / biography / description of scientific focus and achievements: 

Jan Bartacek was awarded a master degree in environmental chemistry and technology in 2002 and doctoral degree in 2006, both at the Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (Czech Republic). Later, he held two post-doctoral positions, at the Sub-department of Environmental Technology, Wageningen University (2006 – 2008) and at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft (2008 - 2010). The post-doctoral positions were both within the group of Professor Piet Lens. Since 2010 has dr. Jan Bartacek been employed again at the Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, UCT Prague as an assistant professor and since 2015 as an associate professor.

Dr. Bartacek focuses at anaerobic digestion as the means for energy recovery from wastewater. He has done an extensive work on the impact of micronutrients limitation on methanogenic activity and he studied in detail (using magnetic resonance microscopy and other advanced techniques) the interaction between metals and anaerobic sludge. Moreover, he works on energy efficient methods for nitrogen removal from sewage (anammox) and biogas upgrading through microaeration.

Relevant publications: 
Krayzelova, L., Bartacek, J., Díaz, I., Jeison, D., Volcke, E.I.P. and Jenicek, P. (2015) Microaeration for hydrogen sulfide removal during anaerobic treatment: a review. Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology 14(4), 703-725.
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Krayzelova, L., Bartacek, J., Kolesarova, N. and Jenicek, P. (2014) Microaeration for hydrogen sulfide removal in UASB reactor. Bioresource Technology 172, 297-302.
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