RWTH is with its 260 institutes in nine faculties, 2500 academic and 2000 non-academic staff, among the leading European scientific and research institutions. Currently, 40375 students in 127 courses of study are registered, including 6395 international students from more than 120 countries. RWTH is providing excellent training opportunities to young and experienced researchers. In 2012, 4000 PhD students (900 international) were registered. RWTH awarded 773 PhD degrees in 2012. RWTH has achieved international recognition especially in the field of engineering and science, and is a founding member of the strategic alliance "IDEA League" of five leading universities of technology in Europe. The research group of Prof. Matthias Wessling and Dr. Süleyman Yüce (AVT RWTH) is one of the leading chemical engineering research facilities in Germany with 7 full professors covering the whole range of chemical engineering. AVT-CVT has over 40 years of experience in all aspect of membrane research, ranging from porous and dense membrane processes, hybrid membrane processes such as MBRs and adsorption combined with nanofiltration to electrodialysis and gas permeation. AVT-CVT hosts one cluster of excellence of the "Excellence Initiative." The research group of Prof. Miriam Agler-Rosenbaum (iAMB) focuses mainly on microbial physiology in bioelectrochemical systems.